Clean Eating with Pairings!

New Year, New You! Clean Eating with Pairings!

Happy 2018, friends! We all know what it’s like with the beginning of the New Year; striving to do more this year and making resolutions, especially those centered around health and fitness. The pressure to eat healthy and drop those unwanted pounds from the holidays is stressful, so this year, try a new focus. Clean eating can be more valuable to your overall health than losing weight by crash dieting or fad cleanses. Many sources agree! When ranking the best to worst diets of 2017, NPR gave the Mediterranean Diet the top spot (with its focus on olive oil and clean eating!)


What is clean eating?

Unlike a diet that typically focuses on consuming less carbohydrates or minimizing the amount of calories in a day, clean eating is a lifestyle that is all about eating whole, real and natural foods. These foods are un or minimally processed, refined and handled. Unprocessed foods are fresh fruit and vegetables, dried legumes, nuts and farm fresh eggs. Minimally processed foods are unrefined grains (whole wheat bread and pasta, popcorn, steel-cut oatmeal, quinoa and brown rice), frozen fruits and vegetables, unprocessed meat (wild over pastured, pastured over grain-fed), hormone-free dairy and oils. Learn more about this movement!


What are the benefits of clean eating?

We guarantee that it is easy to eat healthy with the right foods, so you enjoy what you are eating and therefore can make good choices. Like the Mediterranean diet, clean eating can feature pure, real extra virgin olive oil as a staple. Clean eating benefits can include weight loss, heart and brain health, diabetes prevention and control, better skin and healthy hair. Here are our easy clean eating tips:

  1. Choose natural foods
  2. Eat less sugar
  3. Try to stay away from processed foods
  4. Incorporate more olive oil into diet and use as a substitute for butter
  5. Drink more water
  6. Load up on produce – veggies and fruit!
  7. Stick to whole grain
  8. Be aware of sodium

And there are more resources everywhere online for recipes, tips and more!


New Year, New You! There is no better time for a lifestyle change

Clean eating is a lifestyle that everyone can do, not a fad diet meant to lose weight quickly. It does not have to be expensive, hard to follow, or even flavorless thanks to Pairings variety of olive oils and balsamics. Lifestyle changes like eating healthier, even gradually, are typically more effective than hardcore dieting for a few months and then possibly falling off track. Clean eating not only offers a variety of benefits, but you can explore new recipes and food adventures with our help!  Pure, unrefined olive oils can be staples in your cupboard, perfect for everyday use instead of just a special occasion!


Are you ready to start your clean eating journey in honor of the New Year? Pairings can be your resource along the way. Stop by our shoppe and ask us about which oils will work best to turn your favorite meals into a clean eating feast.


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