continue clean eating

Continue Those Healthy Habits

You made the commitment in January to eat better, work out more, and create healthier habits. Now that you’re three months into the journey of a better you, you might be tired of the same recipes you’ve been rotating and need some variety to keep you going. Pairings to the rescue!


Tired of salads? Missing the heartiness of pasta?

Replacing the green leaf lettuce with quinoa is a great way to make any healthy salad a little more hearty and filling! Give your quinoa more flavor by preparing it with chicken or beef stock and while it’s still warm drizzle it with your favorite olive oil and balsamic combo from Pairings. We recommend Tuscan Herb Olive Oil and Neapolitan Balsamic for a great vinaigrette. You can wait for the quinoa to cool before adding whatever toppings you’d like or eat it warm! Here’s a great clean eatin’ salad to eat as a salad or quinoa bowl.


Missing the crunch of chips?

Let’s be honest, cravings can be intense when you’re trying to eat healthier! Don’t deny cravings, just find a way to eat healthier versions that are still satisfying. Skip the Lays and Doritos and make crunchy veggie chips. You’re probably thinking there is no way that homemade veggie chips can be that satisfying but these two recipes below won’t disappoint! Use a little of your favorite Pairings olive oil or balsamic to add a punch before baking for flavor second to none.

Sweet potato chips  zucchini chips


Missing Sweet Treats?

This is the craving that makes a lot of people fall of the clean eating wagon. It’s hard to deny yourself a sweet something at the end of day… and we don’t think you should! In season fruit is a great way end the evening with something sweet. A grilled peach with a drizzle of raspberry or dark chocolate balsamic is a great idea. Here are some other ideas for when you just need something sweet:

fruit pizza

Continuing to eat healthy throughout the year can be challenging, but variety will help keep you from falling into a food rut. Check out some of our Pinterest boards for healthy recipe inspiration!