Easy Halloween Snacks

Easy Spooky Snacks for Your Halloween Party

Trick or Treat!

Friends, it’s no trick here that we love ourselves some delicious meals and snacks. You can say that we are all about treats year round, but especially during the Halloween time! Before indulging in Halloween candy, enjoy easy spooky snacks during your Halloween party. Below, we provide 4 crowd-favorite appetizers and snacks taken from our Halloween Treats Pinterest board.


Saucy Spider with Hairy Leg Sticks courtesy of Woman’s Day

Saucy Spider Snacks

A fun and easy recipe to get that perfectly shareable #foodstagram photo! This saucy spider bread is crafted with pre-made pizza dough and some parmesan cheese. We recommend using some of our amazing Extra Virgin Basil Olive Oil with the egg wash to give the bread that pizza punch! The hardest part may be waiting for it to bake before you can show it off to your friends!


Wonton Bats courtesy of First for Women

Wonton Bats Snacks

If you love Cream Cheese Wontons at Chinese restaurants then this Halloween snack/ appetizer is perfect for you! Amazingly all you need is 5 ingredients to make these cute wonton bats… Kids love them and so do adults! We recommend serving these delicious bats with a sweet & sour sauce or a spicy chili sauce.


Mozzarella Eyeballs courtesy of Octoberlicious

mozerella eyeballs snacks

There’s nothing like some creepy eyeballs to make for a perfectly spooky Halloween! Take it a step further and eat the eyeballs too! At Pairings, we love nothing more than mozzarella paired with quality, flavorful olive oil. For this recipe, our own Herb de Provence Olive Oil gives the mozzarella balls even more taste as they marinade with the other ingredients.


Halloween Jalapeno Mummies courtesy of Frugal Coupon Living

Halloween Snacks Jalepeno Mummies

Spooky and spicy?! Yes, please! These Halloween Jalapeno Mummies are a great appetizer for your Halloween party for adults that love to kick their taste buds up a notch. Want a pro tip? Brush on some of our Blood Orange Olive Oil on the crescent rolls before baking! YUM!


Check out our Pinterest page for more Halloween treats ideas and inspiration! And visit our shoppe today in the Nugget Market parking lot, located at 701 Pleasant Grove Blvd. #180 to pick up your specialty olive oils to make these delicious, spooky treats.