Hostess Gifts: Ideas & Etiquette

pairings hostess gifts

Hello friends and family! Can you believe the holiday season is finally here?! It’s truly the most wonderful, magical time of the year. One of the things we love about this happy season are the  many holiday parties we get to attend!

By this point, you may have received a couple invites and more on the way. Now, we know what you’re thinking…. What should I wear? Who can watch the kids? And of course… Do I need to bring a hostess gift? Unfortunately, we cannot help you decide on what party dress or ugly Christmas sweater to wear, but we can tell you that YES you do need to bring hostess gifts to the parties you attend.

Hostess Gifts: An Easy Guide to the Etiquette

It may seem like an old custom, but it is still considered good manners to give hostess gifts to the person throwing the party to thank them for putting on the event and/ or inviting you into their home. It is important to show gratitude and a token of appreciation through a small, but thoughtful gift. The price and size of hostess gifts really do not matter, as it is more important to make an overall effort. Furthermore, it is also essential to use discretion when purchasing a hostess gift and you need to consider what could possibly be offensive. For example, giving a basket with cheeses and salamis to a vegetarian or vegan would not be praised.

Gift giving is tricky, but it truly does not need to be stressful. Below are a variety of go-to hostess gifts that are always appropriate:

  • A small bouquet of flowers or a potted plant
  • A decorative candle (going unscented may be best in case of allergies)
  • A Pairings’ Sample Gift Pack with an arrangement of 4-6 samples of our best-seller olive oils and/ or balsamics (Order online or come into shoppe!)
  • A nice bottle of wine
  • A Pairings’ Sample Gift Basket with a customizable arrangement of salts, olive oils, balsamics and kitchen accessories (Come into shoppe to create!)
  • A small tin of homemade cookies and sweet treats (check out our recipes)
  • A holiday ornament for their tree

Just a reminder, you do not need to break the bank in order to give a meaningful hostess gift. A good guideline would be to try to keep your gift small enough to be carried with one hand or else it may seem like you are competing with your fellow guests and may make things awkward. It is honestly the thought that counts and any recipient host or hostess would be grateful of anything you give.

Come into our shoppe to get the perfect hostess gift today! We are happy to package anything you like in beautiful wrapping as the perfectly thoughtful (and appropriate!) gift to bring to your holiday parties this season.