Mother’s Day Gift Basket at Pairings

Mother’s Day Gift Basket Tips

Mom is often one of the most important people in your life, and you gotta show her a little love once in a while.  Ok, more often than that. All the time actually. (Come on, you know that… We didn’t need to tell you that, right?) But Mother’s Day is a chance to go a little further and show her how special she is.  (And make your siblings jealous when she boasts about it on Facebook.) Keep reading to get our top tips and tricks for a great mother’s day gift basket, like how you can get a bottle of wine in your Pairings gift basket (hint, you bring it in, we do the rest!)

Pairings’ Top Tips for the Perfect Mother’s Day Gift Basket


Each mom is unique and deserves a unique Mother’s Day gift! That’s where we come in. Whether it’s from Pairings shoppe or not, we want to help you find the best gift you can this year. Does she love cooking?  Live for gardening? Love her furry children? What does she talk about doing in her free time, when she’s not doting on grandbabies, or picking up after kids? Focus on these and you’ll never go wrong!


Cooking Diva

Mother’s Day Gift Basket at Pairings

We have a bit of an advantage if she loves cooking, baking, or generally being a foodie! Pairings has an assortment of kitchen accessories that we’re always changing up, adding to, and highlighting. Garlic scraper to create the perfect texture for olive oil dip? Got it. Locally sourced and hand-crafted cutting boards from quality redwood? Right at the shoppe. Cute kitchen towels with the most adorable paintings on them? Covered. Fun aprons with artwork and cute kitchen sayings? Of course!

For the perfect gift basket, choose a few cute accessories and some Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Aged Balsamic kitchen staples. Pair these with a recipe she’ll love. Bonus points if you include in the card that you’ll be there to cook it with her!


Gardener’s Delight

Mother’s Day Gift Basket at Pairings

Does the mother in your life have a green thumb and a passion for all things growing?  Our accessories include a range of cute herb and garden related artwork, including hand towels with the watercolor essence of a culinary garden. In addition, you can include some of her favorite seeds and small plant starters in the basket. Bring them in when you pick out your basket ingredients and we are happy to include them. You can even wrap it all up in a flower pot or potting bin for a cute flair!

Cap the gardener’s delight basket with an herb olive oil or a flowery white balsamic for the perfect themed basket she’ll love! We recommend our Lemongrass Thai Mint White Balsamic with our Basil Olive Oil in a shrimp marinade for a delicious pad thai.


Mom of the Year

Mother’s Day Gift Basket at Pairings

Is she obsessed with the kids’ artwork? Love getting the cutie handprints and school assignments but running out of room for all of them? Create an art book of their timeless artwork! This service will scan the original art and create a unique collector’s item for her to treasure, while keeping the house a little bit less cluttered.

Plum Print and Artful Parent both offer great services for gifts and unique treasures. While she’s opening these on Sunday Morning you can create a kid-friendly breakfast that the little hands will love to help with! Make your standard waffles or pancakes and take them to the next level with Pairings’ Dark Chocolate Balsamic or Aged Strawberry Balsamic drizzled over for a syrup alternative! Perfecto!


Relaxation Master

It doesn’t have to be hobby focused, but can be relaxation encouragement! Mom needs more reasons than most to take some time off and spend some hours by herself. Help her out with a spa day basket! While any basket can be added to with your favorite things, this one is perfect to customize with her top treats. Bring in a bottle of wine or champagne and we can include it in the basket for you when wrapping. You can include her favorite bottle of rose, some of our olive oil lotions, bath items like a cool new bath caddy, and even a new novel you know she’d enjoy in the tub!


The possibilities are endless and the more you personalize it, the more it will mean to her! Want to chat about your gift basket ideas? Give us a call or stop by the shoppe today.

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